David Kemper
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David Kemper

Years: 1996-2001 (first gig: October 17, 1996, San Luis Obispo, California, USA)
(final gig: November 24, 2001, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Instruments: drums

David Kemperís most high profile job prior to joining Dylan's road band was as drummer in the Jerry Garcia Band.

Kemper frequently appeared with the Jerry Garcia Band throughout the '80s and early '90s. One of Kemper's paintings (he's an artist too) graced the cover of one of the Jerry Garcia Band's albums.

Kemperís drumming stands in sharp contrast to his predecessor Winston Watson. While Watson gave more thump and flash to the job, he lacked subtlety and dynamism. Kemper came aboard in late 1996 and brought a supportive and propelling style to the rhythm section. And yet he never interrupted the melodic side of the group.

Listening to the introduction to "Cold Iron Bounds," or the driving rhythm Kemper kickstarts on "Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again" or the rolling lick he leads into "Maggieís Farm," his drumming has a sweep and momentum that snatches up the groove and wonít let it off the train.

DISCOGRAPHY: Bob Dylan "Time Out of Mind," "Love and Theft," Johnny Rivers "Help Me Rhonda," "New Lovers and Old Friends," "Wild Night," Linda Ronstandt "Prisoner in Disguise," T-Bone Burnette, Stevie Nicks, Belinda Carlisle, R.E.M. and Jerry Garcia "Almost Acoustic," "Jerry Garcia Band," and "How Sweet It Is."